I grew up in a home where art, architecture, and music through geberations were part of everyday life. Born in Copenhagen during the autumn equinox in the year of the Paris uprising, a time of transformation and revolution, I developed a deep appreciation for aesthetics and creativity.

My artistic process starts with research and moves to tactile exploration of textures, colours, and materials. I often use shades of red in my work, capturing the emotional intensity of passion, which originally meant "to suffer" but has evolved to signify powerful enthusiasm and drive.

Psychoanalysis, particularly the Jungian and Lacanian approaches, has shaped my understanding of the human mind and its symbols. This exploration of the unconscious, structured like a language, reflects in my work's focus on identity and transformation.

Mapping and charting, traditionally used to explore the world in search of Paradise, are central themes in my art. They symbolise human curiosity and the fine line between creativity and chaos. In my work, I like to let my hands guide me, embracing the unexpected and the imperfect, reflecting a bold journey through the emotional and psychological landscapes of humanity.